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Thread: Finley might be traded to East, (Pacers mention)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PacerFanAdam
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    I think that's correct.

    I don't know where Able got 102 million dollars from. Finley is owed just over 51 million for the next 3 seasons.
    If Dallas keeps him they would have a 95M+ payroll and would have to pay the LT so for Dallas his 51M over the next 3 is like 102M. If they waive him they drop to 79M team payroll.
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    Default Re: Finley might be traded to East, (Pacers mention)

    I don't think you can do this trade-and-waive thing anyway. My understanding of the new rules is that the player must be waived by the team he's on now in order to avoid the LT.

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