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Thread: Granger's former teammates rip his singing

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    New Pacer gets ribbed for singing on ESPN
    By Jeff Carlton
    Tribune Reporter
    June 30, 2005

    Add Danny Granger to the list of stars who should stick with their original careers.

    ESPN televised the NBA draft Tuesday, opening with a montage of players mugging for the camera. During the telecast, ESPN showed an outtake of Granger singing "You're watching the NBA draft on ESPN."

    It was reminiscent of the 1985 Chicago Bears doing the "Super Bowl Shuffle."

    In other words, it was really bad.

    "Everybody's killing me on the singing, man," Granger said. "I was just playing around. I was like, `Don't put that on TV.' "

    Granger's ex-teammates at the University of New Mexico had a field day. They gathered at assistant coach Scott Didrickson's house to watch the draft.

    "There were a lot of jaws that dropped," Didrickson said. "Let's clarify something. Danny has a brother who is a really talented musician. Danny just thinks of himself as a singer.

    "He is a first-round pick in the NBA, not in Motown."

    Reaction was swift and damning.

    "I think the consensus is in: That obviously needs some work," UNM coach Ritchie McKay said. "I take no responsibility in coaching him on that. I was sitting at the table with him when that first aired, and he got about two phone calls and five text messages."

    Reaction to the Indiana Pacers selecting Granger with the 17th pick was a bit more positive. His college teammates and coaches were surprised Granger fell so far but happy he landed with a well-respected organization.

    "There was a lot of booing, guys being upset," UNM guard Mark Walters said. "I thought he would go a lot higher. For a second there, I didn't want to watch the draft anymore."

    Point guard Kris Collins said he didn't recognize some of the players drafted before Granger.

    "We were like, `Wow, there are some players we hadn't heard of,' " Collins said. "There were some overseas players that shouldn't have gone in front of him. But he ended up in a good spot in a good situation."

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    Default Re: Granger's former teammates rip his singing

    Now we just need Simon, Randy, and Paula's reaction!

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