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Thread: Looks Like Granger's Already Busy

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    Default Looks Like Granger's Already Busy

    It looks like he's already got a few deals coming his way. This also answers some other questons about his agents and Summer League.,00.html

    Granger looking to score shoe deal
    Ex-Lobo catches endorsement fever

    By Jeff Carlton
    Tribune Reporter
    July 1, 2005

    Just because Danny Granger is about to sign a two-year contract likely worth about $2.9 million doesn't mean he doesn't have problems.

    The former University of New Mexico men's basketball star still faces some difficult issues. For example:

    Which shoe company will pay him the most to wear its shoes?

    How should he spend the money he made from the six-figure deal he signed with trading card companies Topps, Upper Deck and Press Pass?

    How should he maintain good will in Albuquerque - through a camp or a charity?

    It must be tough these days to be Granger, who was drafted with the 17th pick in the first round of the NBA draft Tuesday by the Indiana Pacers.

    Teams and players can begin negotiations today, which is when the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement takes effect. Aaron Mintz, one of Granger's two registered agents from Priority Sports, said he expects to strike a deal next week.

    The Pacers want players to report to summer-league camp July 10. Summer-league games begin in Minnesota five days later, Mintz said.

    "(Granger) would start playing tonight if they told him to," Mintz said. "You saw him this year, how quick he came back from that injury. It's pretty hard to keep Danny Granger off the basketball court."

    Under the new agreement, first-round draft picks sign two-year guaranteed contracts. Teams have an option on the third and fourth seasons.

    Rookie salaries are set according to a scale. Last season, the NBA rookie scale for the 17th pick was $1,058,400 for the first season and $1,137,800 for the second season.

    Players can sign for as little as 80 percent or as much as 120 percent of the scale. Each season the scale usually increases between 8 and 10 percent, Mintz said.

    The scale for the 2005-06 rookies hasn't been made available to agents. Lawyers for the NBA and the players' association are determining the final details of the collective bargaining agreement.

    If the scale increases by 10 percent and Granger and the Pacers agree on 120 percent of the scale, then the former Lobo's two-year deal would be worth $2.9 million.

    Granger has signed a six-figure deal with three trading card companies and is now looking to close a shoe deal.

    "We are in the process of negotiating his shoe contract," Mintz said. "We have a marketing guy fielding offers from the major shoe companies."

    Granger is also likely to establish a connection with Albuquerque, perhaps through a camp or charity.

    "We haven't done anything in Albuquerque yet, but Danny wants to do things back in Albuquerque," Mintz said. "He really loves the whole community and wants to give back. It's 100 percent something he wants to do.

    "He hasn't signed his contract or done anything yet. Once he gets that going, that's the high priority for him."

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    I've never seen Granger play... is he really this good?

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    Default Re: Looks Like Granger's Already Busy

    [B][I][U]Granger is a very good player, you have never seen or really heard of him because he is from New Mexico. If he played at Duke or Kansas i guarantee you he would have been at least top 5 maybe top 3

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    Default Re: Looks Like Granger's Already Busy

    Man I wish I had Grangers problems. Sounds like he has his head on straight.

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    Yeah Granger is awesome.Hes very impressive.I watched him about twice during the reg. season and i watched all of his March Madness games this season.Hes an awesome shooter.Hell hes an awesome all around player.He will make an immediate impact on the Blue and Gold.

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