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Thread: ESPN saying (and teasing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValheruOrden
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    You insinuated that "Who cars what they get tipped" that leaves me to believe that you think thought are overpaid.
    What I mean is I view that as a bonus, as otherwise we all get paid the same.

    I did work in the store for awile and the dish pit SUCKS. But so does pushing your car out of snow banks. Working in a place like that is a good motivational tool to finish college. ;\
    Good lord do I agree on both of those. I never wanted to be a teacher more than the night I got home from my first day at work.

    I've lurked in this forum since the day it was created and indystar before then, and it takes a post about pizza delivery to get me to post. ;p
    Well, all the same.

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    Default Re: ESPN saying (and teasing)

    I deliver flowers, and I get a tip about once a month.

    This one old lady gave me a five dollar tip once , I swear that might have been the first old lady I've ever been attracted to.

    While I've never been a Pizza delivery guy, I have worked delivery and in-store, and I must say, both really blow. If I had to choose though, I'd probably rather deliver than toil away in those hellish greenhouses.
    You, Never? Did the Kenosha Kid?

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