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Thread: Who is Granger's agent?

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    Default Who is Granger's agent?
    ... Granger and his agent Aaron Mintz said once it got past the No. 11 pick, they were hoping Granger wouldn't get selected until No. 17 by Indiana.
    According to his agent Mark Bartelstein: ďI have no idea why Danny Granger fell to 17, but frankly we donít really care. Everything happens for a reason and Danny is absolutely thrilled to be in the spot that he is in right now.
    Anybody got an explanation?
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    Default Re: Who is Granger's agent?

    Granger celebrated with his family at a New York City restaurant after the draft Tuesday night. He is expected to fly to Indianapolis today for a news conference. Contract negotiations can begin Friday, said Aaron Mintz, one of Granger's agents.
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