With all the Isiah talk, I just wanted to bring up a thread commenting on Zeke's work with the Knicks. I really haven't talked about it both in this forum or in the Star's. I live in NY, and it's weird to hear NYer's POVs on Zeke and compare them with Hoosier's views on the man.

I'll start by saying that although I liked Zeke as a coach in Indy, he is NOT doing a good job in NY with the Knicks. Yes, the team is better. Yes, he walked into THE most difficult job in the NBA. Yes, he was handed an impossible task. Still, I disagree with how he's doing things, though his methods may have a lot to do with what his owners are telling him.

Stephon Marbury is HIGHLY overrated. Bad PG with all the defensive skills of a slug. He is whiney, lazy, and often blames teammates for his own shortcomings. He was brought in soley to energize the NY fan base. He is a proven loser who will get fat and full of himself in NY.

Penny Hardaway, Allan Houston, Tim Thomas-- medicore to bad players making as much or more money than KOBE BRYANT. All three are bad defenders and rebounders. All three can shoot the ball.

Muhammed and Vin Baker. Lazy post defenders with potential. Muhammed gets pushed around a lot and Baker has addicition problems.

If you look at it, these trades and additions have done very little to help the Knicks both now and in the long run. They morgaged their futire to get Chumpbary (lots of draft picks), and they are an astounding $80 million over the cap.

If Donnie Walsh or Larry Bird ran the Pacers like this, they wouldn't make it out of the parking lot. I see no present or future success with this team. They stink, and since they play in the Garden (home of the HORRID NY Rangers hockey team) they stink, on ice!

Why can't Dolan and these other morons get the hint? YOU NEED DRAFT PICKS TO REBUILD YOUR TEAM!!! Look at Indy, LA Lakers, San Antonio, Houston, or even Cleveland!!! I like Zeke, but the job hes doing in NY is just plain bad. Then again, if this is what his bosses want, maybe there's nothing he can do.