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Thread: First I wanted Green, but now.......

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    Default First I wanted Green, but now.......

    I couldn't be happier with Granger now that I look more closely at it. At first, I admit that I was a little disgusted that the Pacers did not pick Green. But it's obvious that we wanted a player who can come in immediately and contribute to this Pacers squad. Granger is just that player. According to Chad Ford, Utah would have picked him at number 6 if they wouldn't have moved up to 3.

    Green may be a great player in the NBA some day. The keyword there is "may". I think that we as Pacers fans are all sick of waiting to see how good a player will be in "a couple of years." Regardless of our opinions about this team and certain players, I think we all can agree that we just want to win right now. No more longterm projects. No more waiting stuff out. Larry and DW wanted a player who had logged some college time, and is ready to give big contributions right now.

    He averaged almost 19 points and 9 rebounds on the college level. That's excellent.

    I'm hearing some positive things about that Euro that we drafted as well.

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    Default Re: First I wanted Green, but now.......

    I think Ezram Lorbek was a good pick. Drafting him gives us a guy that won't play this year (no matter who we picked, they wouldn't play this year) but has a chance to continue developing in Europe. Then we snatch him in a few years (like what San Antonio is going to do with Luis Scolia this year) and boom, he can contribute.

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