Look at what Granger had to say

Danny Granger: Hello.

Robb (NY): Danny,Congrats... Indiana got a steal. How do you feel playing with Artest and Steph Jackson? They share your position.

SportsNation Danny Granger: I feel really good about my position. I think I slipped far in the draft, but I'm grateful for going to a great winning team in Indiana. I hope to contribute to the organization in any way that I can.

Marc: Congrats Danny. What will be the hardest part of entering the NBA?

SportsNation Danny Granger: Adjusting to the physicality of the NBA and the travel schedule. It's definitely a different type of lifestyle.

Indian Fan: Danny do you feel like your stong outside shooting is just what Indiana needs to get them to the next level?

SportsNation Danny Granger: Definitely, I think my shooting willl help the team, along with my defensive capabilities. And, I'm a senior, so I think my experience will help me a lot.

YooB: Danny, do you believe you would be able to fill the absence of Reggie?

SportsNation Danny Granger: I think it's hard to immediately fill the role of such a Hall of Fame player like Reggie Miller, but I think that with a lot of hard work and the continued development of my skills, I will try to do what he did.

Lennie (Grand Rapids, MI): Danny, does becoming a Pacer automatically make you start hating the Pistons! :-)

SportsNation Danny Granger: No. I think it's a respectful rivalry. I'm excited to compete in it!

Dustin from Kentucky: Hey Danny, how would you describe your game to fans here in the East who probably didn't get to see you play as often on TV?

SportsNation Danny Granger: I'm a very versatile player, I can play 2-3 positions, I'm a capable defender and I'll do anything to help my team win.

Stewart: Danny, there have been several players going to the draft from smaller schools. Anything to say about New Mexico?

SportsNation Danny Granger: I think New Mexico was a great place to place. We didn't get as much media exposure as teams in the East but we have a good program and I highly advise anyone to go check it out. Sean May is here!

SportsNation Danny Granger: Thanks for all of your support, I look forward to being an Indiana Pacer!