What a wild night! Maybe the Basketball Gods are smiling on the Pacers and good things will continue to happen. My dream plays out as the following:

Trade 1:
Bender, AJ and Foster plus future #1 to New Orleans for Magloire and Lynch.
(yeh I know there are rumors that Magloire is finally going to Toronto, but it is my dream)

Trade 2:
S. Jax, E. Gill and Pollard to Seattle for Ray Allen
(makes me wonder if Jiri is insurance against Allen leaving after all)

1. Croshere (for Luxury tax purposes)

Sign the following:
1. J.Jones for about 3M a year (doesn't count against the MLE with the new CBA)
2. Sarunas Jasikevicius for about 3m a year (about what he was asking at 10M for 3 years)
3. D. Davis for about 2M a year (the remainder of the MLE)
4. Raef LaFrentz for the Vet Minimum (when he is waived by Boston to not pay the Luxury Tax)
5. Jay Williams for the League Minimum (gives him a chance to prove himself before his payday).

The lineup would be:

PG - Tinsley, Jasikevicius, Williams
SG - Allen, F. Jones, J. Jones
SF - Artest, Granger, Lynch
PF - O'neal, LaFrentz
C - Magloire, Harrison, DD

We would then be able to use Lynch and Reggie's contract at the trade deadline if we needed another position filled.

(other things bounching around in my head but not included were getting Houston, Finley or other lux cap casualties, and then trading F.jones or J. Jones as needed.)

I know it is all crazy talk but what-the-hell, right?