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Thread: The Best Article I've Seen on Granger

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    Default The Best Article I've Seen on Granger

    This is an article written before the draft. I especially like the parts about 12 consecutive 3-pointers and taking it to Warrick.,00.html

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    Default Re: The Best Article I've Seen on Granger

    The bottom of this article got me thinking... is Mel Daniels doing backflips over this selection??
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    Default Re: The Best Article I've Seen on Granger

    NBA scouting director Marty Blake made the first statement to a Tribune reporter in late February during UNM's defeat of then-No. 12 Utah in The Pit. He also said Utah's Andrew Bogut, who is projected to go No. 1 or No. 2, should stay in school.

    Blake has since declined to offer a revised estimate.
    This concerns me. I respect Marty Blake immensely. So, the question is, does the last line mean he hasn't changed his opinion, or he simply declined another interview request.

    Yes, I know the Pacers would have taken him at #5, but perhaps he "fell" because other teams had him rated lower based on his whole career, and didn't get caught up in the hype of the last few months like the media is prone to do.

    Alright, I'm sick of just reading about this kid. When's the damn summer league start?
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