And I consider myself an Artest fan. But now, I'm less of an Artest fan. I'm really happy we got Granger. I think Granger will be a very good player at the NBA level and truthfully, at some point, he's gunna be as good if not better than Ron. I think trading Ron in a package deal for a center like Jamaal Magloire would be best. I know alot of people love Ronnie, but a good center would put us over the top. Granger is a rookie now, but he'll develope nicely and I'd rather not have Al Harrington II on this team, so why not just deal Artest and let Granger start?

I know I'm going to get some bad looks on here, but Figs take is that Granger is the next Scottie Pippen, and Stephen Jackson is the next Michael Jordon.

(Yes, I've been drinking )