I came across this this morning and thought you guys would be interested. Oh, and it is the NYDailyNews here, so take it with a grain of salt. A LARGE grain of salt.

The Lakers have also talked to Indiana about trading for Jonathan Bender and, for the first time, the Pacers are open to moving him. He's been one of the great teases of recent years, since heading right to the pros from high school as the fifth pick overall in 1999. Even if he did beat Bird at games of H-O-R-S-E, he has never been able to stay healthy. He missed 75 games this past season and 182 games in his first five seasons, out of a possible 410.

The Pacers have always been opposed to moving him because they know that you can give up too quickly on a high schooler. They got the benefit of that when they got Jermaine O'Neal from Portland after he had given the Blazers four uneventful seasons.

But the Pacers have talked to the Lakers about sending the 6-11 Bender to L.A., with the 17th pick, for Slava Medvedenko and the No. 10. With the 10th pick, the Pacers would hope to land UConn's Charlie Villanueva. But with Isiah Thomas looking to go big, Villaneuva might be gone at No. 8 to the Knicks before Indiana gets to pick.