Geezer Jr. has taken piano since he was 5...that's 10 years. He's a very skilled classical pianist but he bores his friends to death, the closest he plays to anything popular would be Josh Groben.

He is wanting, and the Mrs and I agree, to get a keyboard/synthizer so that he can learn to play and sing more uptempo things. We've looked and are ruling out the big plastic Yamaha things that are nothing more than BIG toys. What we are more looking for is an 88 key (weighted key) keyboard.....actually we need advice. What is good for entry level professional quality? What does he need for keyboards....mic...amp?
Music is not something he takes is a family tradition, we have recording artists in the family going as far back as vaudville....up to today. My sis and a couple of my cousins are recording artists (studio musicians).

So....who has experience and who has knowledge/advice?

BTW....One I have looked at is a Yamaha S08 (a quick search brings this one up...I didn't take time to go to Yamaha website)