A month or two ago, I made a post that alot of people hated. I was very critical of Jermaine, and I called him some names. Alot of people on this board have a pro Jermaine type flo, with some even have an anti Ron Artest thing going. I'm more of the opposite. I'll go into some more detail.

First, seeing Tim Duncan pass out of double-teams and having trust in his teammates is very humbling. I hope alot of people realize what Jermaine O'neal does so very very wrong and see my point.

Ok, Jermaine is a talented offensive player that is our leader. That is established. But what I feel is overrated about big JO is his significance to our team. When the Pacers played without JO, during the 7 game winning streak, they played with trust in eachother. When JO is playing, there seems to be a 'ME' aspect and JO especially, trusts almost no one.

JO needs to trust his teammates. As the leader of this team, his attitude will be branded into the minds of his teammates. It'll be up to him to set the tone for everyone else, and if your designated franchise superstar doesn't trust anyone, how are the rest of his teammates going to instill trust in one another?

How can JO change this? For one, I see Tim Duncan high five his teammates alot. I don't really remember seeing Jermaine do this alot. It may seem small, but a simple slap of hands can show appreciation for one another, and could actually play a big factor in coming together as a family.

Another thing JO can do, and this one is actually the more important one, he can PASS OUT OF DOUBLE TEAMS!!! Show me anyone that can knock down a 15 foot jumper routinely while being double-teamed by the Wallace's. You can't. JO needs to learn that not only being double-teamed by the Wallace's, but being double-teamed by anyone significantly lowers your shooting percentage, and it also doesn't help us when the other team gets the ball back without the Pacers having gotten any points up on the board.

I adressed this in another thread. I feel the Pacers really need to go after role players like Wesley Person. A veteran that doesn't seem to have an ego, can play in 10-15 minutes a game and be happy, and can knock down open 3's. JO needs to pass out of those double teams like Tim Duncan can. I'm not asking him to become a ball handeler and go Jason Kidd meets Brad Miller on us, just pass out of those double-teams. Ronnie, Stephen, Jamaal, Fred, James, Austin... they can hit wide open 3's, so why not pass it to them, instead of clanking another off balanced jumper and then arguing with the refs for 10 minutes.

Ok, on to Ron Artest. I know alot of people hate him because of what he did, but if you get down to it, you should be hating Jermaine and Stephen too, because they were involved. If it isn't that, it's because of his track record. And sometimes bad people turn into really good people (my pastor use to steal car stereos). You don't give up on those you love, and I for one, love Ron. I will refuse to give up on him because no only is he the best damn defender in this league, but he's also one hell of an offensive force, and the best freakin leader we have. He's a leader, he has heart, and he's feared around the league because of his abilities. Ron is a beast, and I feel that he's one of those guys that will get you a championship if you invest in him.

Would America have won the Civil War if they had given up on eachother?

Would Bejamen Franklin have invented the spinning wheel if he had given up?

Would I have written this completely boring irrelevant spinoff of Pauly Shores retarded speech in In the Army Now!?

You can't give up on him, you've gotta believe!!!!

Ok, I've also decided to put this in here because I apparently have alot of time on my hands. Enjoy.

(Pacers at halftime during game 2 against the Pistons)

Jermaine: Man, this sucks. We're gunna lose!
Reggie: Where is your heart man?
Jamaal: He's right, we're gunna lose.
Rick Carlisle: Guys, I don't like this talk. Sure they are beating us and we are on our way to being down 2-0. Sure they are beating us pretty bad and our season will be over shortly if we don't play. Sure we're the underdogs in every game we play and that jerk Bill Walton loves to talk bad about us, but guys, What Would Ron Artest Do?

(Rick Carlisle)
What would Ron Artest do
If he was here right now,
He'd make a plan
And he'd follow through,
That's what Ron Artest'd do.

(Jamaal Tinsley)
When Ron Artest was at St. John's,
Playing basketball,
He had the schools 2nd triple double in their history,
Against Seton Hall.

(Jeff Foster)
When Ron Artest was in the stands,
Fighting Pistons fans,
He used his magical fire breath,
And saved Horatio Sans.

(Scot Pollard)
So what would Ron Artest do
If he were here today,
I'm sure he'd kick an *** or two,
That's what Ron Artest'd do.

(Reggie Miller)
I want the Ron Artest we all remember,
The one we saw before that night in November.

(Herb Simon)
I don't want David stern to d-i-e...
I'd settle for a thumb tack to the eye...

(Stephen Jackson)
For Rick I'll be an defensive specialist too,
Cuz that's what Ron Artest would do.

(Larry Bird)
And what would Ron Artest do,
He'd call all the Pacer fans in town,
And tell them to unite for truth
That's what Ron Artest would do.

(Dale Davis)
When Ron Artest appeared on t.v.,
He may have looked pretty dumb,
But take pride in the fact,
His album will never go platinum, (so he'll keep playing basketball)

(John Edwards)
And now that Ron is doing his time,
We all were able to break out into this rhyme!

Cuz Ron Artest doesn't take **** from an-y-body

So lets all get together,
And win this freakin game,
And we'll shut down Rip and Tayshaun too,
Cuz that's what Ron Artest'd do.

And we'll shut down Rip and Tayshaun too,
Cuz that's what Ron Artest'd dooooooo,
That's what Ron Artest'd do.