I found this on the King's forum, and it looks like pretty fun. Here's the link if you want some ideas.


I edited the grammmer a bit though.

"Here's how you play... each person write 3 words, and 3 words only, no more, no less. Words can be short as "of" or "a", dash or underscore can be used to seperate two words if necesarry.

So I write 3 words, the next person follows up with 3 words. One person can't post consecutively. Example...

I play tennis... in my yard... with the dog... that love to... eat pie with... roger federer and... lleyton hewitt, outside... .... etc (assuming each of the 3 word phrases comes from differet ppl)

You also have to put a period to end the sentence, but you have to wait to do that.

Doesn't have to be gramatically correct, but have to make some kind of sense. TRY to keep it RELATIVELY clean..."

You guys ready! Lets try this!

The Pacer's will...