I have a real sneaky feeling Bird is talking about Roko-Leni Ukic a 6-5 combo guard from Europe . Ukic , is being compared to Manu Ginobili . A very solid defender ( by Euro standards) to takes it to the hole. Just a wild thought.

Really its intresting Larry envision someone that good lasting that long that he'd be an impact player. We know Bird used Luke Jackson as a smoke screen wanting Ben Gordan all along. Gordan ,proved Larry was right about his value

I think the Bender deal was possible until Larry worked out someone he fell in love with.

The question is just who is this mystery guy? I think if Larry has 4 guys ,he feels can help at #17 the Bender thing is dead. Question is has Larry zeroed in on someone in particular? If he has I'd not be suprised to see Larry use Fred Jones and our pick to move up enough to insure getting him.

The little smile and comment - "He'll play ,even if I have to coach him " tells me Larry thinks he knows something about someone other NBA GM's don't.

As this draft nears , Larry's comments makes it very intriguing just what he has up his sleeve for the Pacers.