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    Default My Mock Draft

    Anyone care to view it? I put alot of thought and work into it. Took me over an hour.

    1 Milwaukee - Andrew Bogut

    Personally, I think Bogut is alot better than people are giving him credit. It seems like they are finding holes in his game just to justify giving Marvin Williams that number 1 spot. While it's a nice thought, it's a stupid one. Bogut is a very, very talented big man, and it's not like nice big men are a dime a dozen. After some solid workouts, Bogut looks to be the first name called on draft day.

    2 Atlanta - Marvin Williams

    Atlanta scouts have had the easiest scouting job in the league. They take which ever out of the big two that Milwaukee doesn't. It's simple. They'll take Williams. The problem is figuring out what to do with Al Harrington. Williams is most likely gunna play 4 for the Hawks. This gives the Hawks a slew of forwards, and someone is gunna have to go, and I doubt they'll give up Josh Smith or Josh Childress. Look for the Hawks to deal Harrington, possibly as early as draft night.

    3 Portland - Gerald Green

    Portland will most likely be shipping this pick to either Los Angeles, Utah, or Charlotte. It seems most concievable however, that they'll send it to Utah, where GM Mike Kupchak has been drooling over the high school phenom. I look for the Lakers to do whatever it takes to land this pick. Kobe II?

    4 New Orleans - Chris Paul

    This pick is actually pretty hard to figure out. New Orleans already has a few decent pg and it really isn't their problem area. However, Paul is arguably the best pg in the draft and would make a formidable duo with J.R. Smith, so it's not to far fetched that they'll bite on Paul and nab him. Also, don't be surprised if Atlanta is in talks to grab this pick in exchange for Al Harrington and maybe some luggage. Even if Atlanta gets ahold of this pick, Chris Paul will be the selection.

    5 Charlotte - Deron Williams

    The Bobcats have been raiving over Deron Williams. I predict that Williams will be available at this point in the draft. If New Orleans doesn't take Williams, then the Bobcats would openly accept Chris Paul, but Paul slipping this far is to far fetched to believe. Even though the Bobcats have been trying to move up in the draft, I believe this is the guy they really want.

    6 Utah - Raymond Felton

    The Jazz really need a pg out of this draft. They need that and a big man, so I think it's between Raymond Felton and Fran Vazquez. I think Felton has more upside and is what the Jazz should look for at the pg position. The Jazz have also been trying to move up to the 3rd spot in the draft. If they were able to do this, then I'd see them taking Paul. But at 6, can't go wrong with Felton.

    7 Toronto - Danny Granger

    This, to me atleast, is a no brainer for Toronto. Granger has alot of upside and is NBA ready. He'll be a bright spot in what looks like a grey future for the Raptors. He's no franchise player, but he'll probably be the best thing to happen to them in years. I do see an All-Star player in him, but one that feeds off of another good player. Where is that other good player? Not on this roster. Maybe next year's lottery will produce the player that Toronto needs.

    8 New York - Channing Frye

    Word has it that Isiah Thomas gets serious erections when watching Frye play. Word even has it that Thomas has promised to draft Frye at 8. Thomas isn't the keen mind playing guy that alot of GM's try to be, so I really do believe that they'll take Frye at 8.

    9 Golden State - Fran Vazquez

    This is a tough selection to predict because the Warriors have been so quiet. They need a big man in the worst way, and while Vazquez is smaller than most centers, he's also more talented than most centers. I think he's a good pick for the Warriors. They will also look at Andrew Bynum and Martynas Andriuskevicius, but Vazquez blows both of them away.

    10 Los Angeles Lakers - Martell Webster

    Remember the trade scenario with the Blazers taking Gerald Green? Well if that happens, then look for the Blazers to get this pick, and select the other high school phenom, who they have brought in for work outs, Martell Webster. If this pick doesn't go the Blazers, then look for the Lakers to give attention to Jarret Jack.

    11 Orlando - Sean May

    That Magic are supposedly really high on Sean May. They said that if he's on the board when they pick, they'll take him. They've said that he and Howard may play the same position, but have the skills to really play well together. This is either them speaking their minds, or them trying to make a team drafting behind them bite on this. I think it's the first one. Look for May to play in Orlando next season, and possibly crack the starting lineup with Howard playing center.

    12 Los Angeles Clippers - Joey Graham

    The Clippers are facing a reality that they may not be able to re-sign Bobby Simmons. If this is a reality they face, then they should start getting ready for next season. They need a point guard, and while Jarret Jack might get looks here, I think they'll take the lottery sleeper, Joey Graham. Graham will fall here, I predict.

    13 Charlotte - Antoine Wright

    I think Wright will be a good fit for the Bobcats. They'll probably look around some more, but Wright will be their final selection. Wright will probably start for them as well. Him and Deron Williams will make a nice back court for the Bobcats, as they will probably form the most athletic back court around, if not that, then one of the top ones. Should be fun to watch.

    14 Minnesota - Martynas Andriuskevicius

    Andriuskevicius was suppose to drop out of the draft, but didn't. Most mocks don't even have him in their anymore, but here he is. Andriuskevicius will fall here, where the Mavs will use the Sabonis product as his new best friend. The both of them will be perhaps the best ball handeling 4-5 combo the league has seen. While this pick would be a nice pick, it won't change the T-Wolves team around. Andriuskevicius isn't the rough tough center the Wolves need, but he's the best one on the board when they choose.

    15 New Jersey - Hakeem Warrick

    I think Warrick's athleticism will make him a good choice here. He'll be able to catch passes from Kidd for thuderous dunks and allow the Nets to continue running their kind of plays. Warrick will probably even be a starter here and help the Nets regain some inside presence. Good fit here.

    16 Toronto - Johan Petro

    The Raptors will use this pick for a big man. Should they take Vazquez with their earlier pick, then this pick would be used on Charlie Villanueva. However, I think it'll fall like this. The Raptors lack a real quality center and Johan Petro will probably be their next target in their quest to fill that selection. Petro is big, strong, and he'll make a nice addition to their team.

    17 Indiana - Francisco Garcia

    The Pacers need someone that can hit from 3, and handle the rock. Garcia can do both. While the Pacers could also use another big man, they'll gladly take what they can get. Garcia would be a nice fit for them due to his similarities to Reggie Miller on the court. He should be around when they choose, and he'll be a nice selection at that. If they don't take Garcia, look for them to look at Ukic, McCants, and Winston. They also could deal this pick away.

    18 Boston - Roko Ukic

    I think Ukic will land here, in Boston. Boston already has Gary Payton and Marcus Banks, but they'll bite on Ukic when he slips to them. They are looking to get younger and more athletic, and at this point in the draft, this is where they should go. Ukic will definetly be a bench player for them, but could compete with Banks for starting honors once Payton moves on.

    19 Memphis - Charlie Villanueva

    It's hard to find a place for Villanueva that makes alot of sense. However, I think he'll slip pretty far, all the way to 19th. Memphis will take him with glee. They are already looking to get rid of a few players, and I believe this will clear up room for them to take Villanueva right here.

    20 Denver - Rashad McCants

    The Nuggets come into this draft obviously needing a shooting guard, or two. I think they'll bite on McCants who will be the only true 2 left on the board. They'll take him here, and then with their other pick.....

    21 Phoenix - Yaroslav Korolev

    Korolev will slip pretty far. Some people have had him projected as a lottery pick, but I think the European crop this year is vastly overrated and come lottery time, they'll slide pretty far down. Korolev will probably fall down here, but will be a good pick for the Suns. He's athletic and fast, a good ball handeler, a really complete player that will be a nice addition to the Phoenix Suns basketball team and their run-run-run Euro style.

    22 Denver - Julius Hodge

    With their other pick, the Nuggets will select Hodge. Why take one when you can have two right? I think they'll take two 2 guard with their two first round picks because both of these guys have their flaws. McCants is a solid player that has a questionable background, and while he can be out of control, Hodge is pretty much a controlled player. I think banking in on both of these guys will turn Denver's weakness into a major strength. Hodge can also spend time backing up Carmelo Anthony as well.

    23 Sacramento - Ike Diogu

    Diogu had some great reviews for his draft camps. But the original knock on him was his heighth, and while some would love to see him taken earlier, he'll slip pretty far. Sacramento will benefit this. I think the Kings will take him with their pick. He'll be a nice player off their bench behind Kenny Thomas.

    24 Houston - Jarret Jack

    Another one of the surprises from draft night, I predict, will be how far Jack will slip. Jack is one of those guys that many teams, practically all of them, will think about taking, and then take someone else. This will work to Houston's advantage. They'll nab Jack on the spot. He'll be a starter for them as well.

    25 Seattle - Chris Taft

    Seattle will take the stock dropping Taft. Taft had some poor workouts, but with the time to wait for his game to develope, the Sonics will bite. I think they'll take Taft with the intention of letting most of their free agents, including Reggie Evans, go.

    26 Detroit - MickaŽl Gelabale

    Detroit will take Gelabale here. He plays outstanding defense and so you understand why I think he'll fit in well for Detroit. Also, he is a good offensive force as well. If he's available when Detroit selects, he'll be gone like that.

    27 Utah - Randolph Morris

    Utah needs a big man, and with them selecting Felton with their earlier pick, I predict they'll pick up big man, Randolph Morris. They need all the size they can get, and Morris is the best big man left on the board at 27.

    28 San Antonio - David Lee

    The Spurs will make another educated draft pick, but unlike most of their picks, this one will be American. Lee fits the description for Spurs basketball and I predict they'll pick him up here. He'll start out just a bench player, but he'll soon find his way into the rotation for the Spurs. Just watch.

    29 Miami - Ersan Ilyasova

    Ilyasova has the potential to be a lottery pick, but with an injured leg, he'll slip. He'll be a great pick by Miami, who will be very rewarded by this kid. Scouts have been all over him for two years now, and if he's still in the draft, which I think he is, then he'll go here.

    30 New York - Wayne Simien

    It'll be a tough choice between Bynum and Simien, but it's a no brainer who is more NBA ready. The Knicks will take Simien and send the foolish Bynum into the unprotected second round. Simien will make the Knicks look like geniuses for stealing him, when in fact, he'll be a tragedy of a deep draft.

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    Default Re: My Mock Draft

    I would figure the Lakers would want Chris Paul at 3 if he's still there, and the Blazers could take Webster at 10. SG and SF make no sense for the Lakers to go after.
    "It's just unfortunate that we've been penalized so much this year and nothing has happened to the Pistons, the Palace or the city of Detroit," he said. "It's almost like it's always our fault. The league knows it. They should be ashamed of themselves to let the security be as lax as it is around here."

    ----------------- Reggie Miller

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    Default Re: My Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by PacerFanInAZ
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    I would figure the Lakers would want Chris Paul at 3 if he's still there, and the Blazers could take Webster at 10. SG and SF make no sense for the Lakers to go after.

    I based alot of my mock on articles. The Lakers are hot after Gerald Green as per alot of reports. However, those could be smoke screens.

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