(Perhaps this has already been discussed in other threads today. If so I apologize.)

Question: So we're going to have a new age limit. Apparently the rule will be that a player needs to either be 19 years old or one year out of high school on draft day to be eligible to play in the NBA that season.

Interestingly, however, the NBDL is going to be expanded soon into a 15-team farm system, and the entry-level age will only be 18 instead of 19.

So the question is, if you're a hot 18-year-old basketball prospect straight out of high school, projected to go high in the first round NEXT year, do you

A) - go to college for one year, get an education and a shot at a final four, NCAA championship, etc. or

B) - go straight into the NBDL, earn at least a decent salary (by normal standards), and play against pseudo-NBA-caliber players with pseudo-NBA rules in front of a smaller audience.

In other words, how is this 19-year age thing going to pan out? It's only a one-year difference, and it seems like that's potentially going to make things awkward both for young prospects who aren't really excited about college and the college programs themselves, who will experience even higher turnover rates and early dropouts.

Also, if a player plays in the NBDL, do they get drafted in? Will the 'parent' teams of the player's farm team have any sort of first dibs on that player?

This whole thing could end up being very bizarre.