. . . and is he the greatest role player ever? This morning on sportscenter they said he was the greatest role player of all time but didn't go as far to say if they thought he was a Hall of Famer. There have been stars inducted into the Hall that haven't been called the greatest of anything. I know that just because ESPN says he's the greatest role player of all time doesn't actually mean he is. I have watched many games where he has been great the whole game, however I have watched many other games in which he has not shown up until the end and hit a big shot or had a big 4th quarter. It's those games that everybody will remember. In 20 years from now, nobody will talk about the Finals game that Robert Horry had 17pts and 8 rbs. It will be the clutch three pointer that he hit with two seconds left to put his team up for good, and there are several of those. Robert Horry is one of the most unique players I have ever watched. He may play great for a whole game, or he may not show up until the end. The one thing that is consistant is that he always has a huge impact on his team. He does it many different ways but always seems to get it done. Isn't that what difines a great role player? When you consider all his solid games, all his clutch shots, and his 5 (soon to be 6) championships, I think he is not only the greatest role player ever, he is a Hall of Famer.