This got me thinking (and I've thought of it before):

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Well, the NFL only has 16 games, so each game is a big deal. There is a build up the whole week amongst fans for their teams game. Every game is huge in an NFL season. In the NBA, it doesn't matter if you blow off a couple games here and there, it's a long season. You can't do that in the NFL.

Somehow, the Superbowl has become almost a national holiday. I think it gets huge ratings because it is a reasonable excuse to get together with friends and throw a party. For a lot of people, it's the party, not the game that matters.
I agree totally that during the NFL regular season, every game feels important as there's just one game every week. Each and every game means a lot, and there's 6 days to buzz about it and get the excitement built up.

I think the NBA could be the same way. 16 games is far too short, but 82 games is quite a lot, too. I wonder if there's a way to split the difference? Reality says no way in hell does this ever happen, but I still want to speculate. I'm just throwing this # out, but what if the regular season was cut in half, to 41 or maybe to round it down, 40 games? Still plenty of time to work through things as a team, but the players will be much fresher, and I'd wager much healthier, all season, and each regular season game suddenly means a lot more, so intensity and fan excitement would both increase substantially.

I'm not trying to look at this from a business perspective, so don't even go there if you can help it; I know that's why this will never happen: $ goes down for the league unless they get creative.

But looking at it from an entertainment and quality of sport perspective, I think it could be a really good thing if handled properly. Build more interest in the game, for the players and the fans.