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    Who do you want taking the last shot of a big game?

    Horry 34.3
    Wade 8.3
    Billups 5.2
    Reggie 38.4
    Kobe 13.5

    How's that? A little love for our beloved Reggie!
    It's a new day for Pacers Basketball.

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    Default Re: ESPN Poll

    Reggie 39%
    Robert 35%
    Kobe 13%
    Dwayne 8%
    Chauncey 5%

    72, 304

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    Of course its Reggie... but im still chocked Robert got so super close against REGGIE!! Who da hell voted Robert over Reggie? Sure Robert is a great clutch player.. but voting him over Reggie... ahh people

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    That is actually kind of surprising, I mean I know that we know who Reggie is and understand his capabilities, but I never really think about others understanding them.

    Then again-

    Sometimes I think how can people not know who Reggie Miller is?
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