Ok it is time the Spurs closed out these finals, I get sleep deprivation this way, darned games dont end till bleeding 5.30 AM, and having to be up again at 7 AM is a bad thing (tm).

That said: There is a team of 3 doing these games here in the UK, mostly I tune them out, (iow I do other things when they come on) but sometimes they mention the Pacers and one then has to listen of course.
Now I do rarely if ever agree with these "jokers" and even more seldomly believe what they are saying (especially because if I do listen they have their facts wrong anyway) but this was a rumour I simply have to "relay" though I must say that my first action was writing them an email with some "smart" questions, though they decided (as they usually do on this show) to "ignore" my pugnant contributions.

According to a certain player (Youngblood) the latest whisper is that Ron might be traded to the Heat, for Haslem and Eddie Jones.

Now my first question was what the ^%$ would we want with Haslem and more precise why would we want Eddie Jones, and finally why on earth would the Pacers do this trade, as well as what are his sources.

As I said I got no reply, nor an in-show answer, but who knows, DD00 might have heard something, or someone here can explain why the Pacers would do this, because imo this is not such a brilliant idea.

remember though, don's shoot the messenger, this is UK tv, not NBA tv!