Of course it's all speculation on my part [/backpedaling], but is it possible that the Pacers may actually go back to our roots, which was possibly harness racing (according to Mark Montieth)? This conspiracy theory is further fueled by the Hoosier Park commercial that states that Reggie Miller wasn't the greatest pacer in the history of Indiana. (Yes, I know that is a silly commercial making a play on words, but it got me thinking).

I know that there is already one pony outfit in town. But, is there a chance that we could actually be able to tell what a "Pacer" refers to?

In this case, the smilie could go for either the Colts or the Pacers.

I know that I certainly would not want an auto racing theme. Just a personal preference that I cannot explain even if I wanted to.

[Man, I practically tripped and fell on my freakin' bottom after all of this backpedaling]