The pacers are good, don't get me wrong, but I don't think they could win a championship with Austin Croshere and James Jones being key bench players. So here's is what I think they should do:

Trade JO - Iknow I'm going ot get alot of grief for this, but JO is NOT a leader. As someone else said, Garnett would be a lot better, of course

Attain a better PG - Tinsley will win you games, but when it's all on the line he reverts to his NY roots, and maybe that'll not be a problem next year.

Get rid of players who don't contribute - I do'nt see why we keep players like Croshere and Bender around (granted I think Bender could still show us something).

That's pretty much it, keep the core, Ron. Ron is our heart and soul, if we could somhow get KG we'd be tuff ...although we'd be up to our eye balls in head cases...KG, RA, Jax...oh my, that'd be crazy. I personally don't see the LA deal going through, I mean, getting Slava and George doesn't really help unless Bird and Walsh are planning on throwing the season??
btw I was thinking to myself and thought how awesome the Suns would be to watch if they had Bender... just thinking...