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Thread: What should Al do?

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    Default What should Al do?

    Al Harrington hasn't rocked any boats, or complained, or asked for a trade, but he has said he wants to start. And it's arguable that he could not only start, but star for many NBA teams.

    My question is why?

    I think if he stays where he's at he has the unique opportunity to have a career like John Havlicek's. During his sixteen year career Havlicek played on eight Boston championship teams, appeared in 13 consecutive NBA All-Star Games, earned 11 selections to the All-NBA First or Second Team, and was named to the NBA All-Defensive First or Second Team eight times. In 1996 he was voted one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.

    What's special about Havlicek is he garnered most of these honors as a 6th man. It was Havlicek who provided the spark off the bench during the Celtics' dynasty years of the 1960's.

    It's my contention that Havlicek wouldn't have had such a storied career if he hadn't played with other great players on the Celtic's. It's also my opinion that without Havlicek the Celtic's wouldn't have won as many championships.

    Havlicek has shown it's not necessary to start to garner honors and fame.

    So what should Al do? Embrace his 6th man roll, or push to start?

    I think he could be the main man on many teams, but he has the chance to be a major part of something special right where he's at.

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    Default Re: What should Al do?

    First of all there's a reason why there's only one John Havlicek as nobody else from a bench role can stand staying there. It takes something away from a player when they play off the bench, and with a guy like Al who has played very well, until lately, off the bench he would want a chance to start and with good reason.

    This is both a compliment and a complaint I have with Al, but he has too much pride to come off the bench for his entire career. He knows he's a great player and wants to be a great player but will never get that chance in Indiana.

    What I say is after the season, trade him. It's a good deal for both sides as Harrington gets his chance to start while the Pacers get something they need, probably a center like Dampier. The Pacers do have Bender and Cro to take Al's place and could spend money or make another trade to get a similar guy, like Taylor in Houston, or Williamson, if the Bobcats could be influenced to take him.
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    Default Re: What should Al do?

    So what should Al do? Embrace his 6th man roll, or push to start?
    For me its a no-brainer, Al must look out for #1 if he wants to try to maximize his earnings potential when this contract expires in a couple years. Unlike some other players on our roster, he's actually a bargain right now and I'll bet there isn't a single person in the country that wants to be known as a "bargain" to their employer. I'd like him to take a team-first view but he's only got one or maybe two more chances at a major $$$ contract.

    I believe the more important question is, what should management do? If they believe he's enough of a 'team guy' to fulfill whatever role they ask of him then they should only trade him if its a no-brainer great trade for us.

    If they are concerned with whether Al or any other player is going to buy into Carlisle's team concepts, they should move that player for the best offer they can get because chemistry may continue to be a sensitive issue for this team until the roster is better balanced.
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    Default Re: What should Al do?

    The last time I heard Al say he wanted to start was October. Months ago, and he only said it a few times this season. Why does this continue to be a big issue when Al has not said anything about it?

    Al needs to do one thing right now, get healthy. If he doesn't rest that leg he is going to crash hard in the playoffs and you guys are going to eat him alive for it.

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