I thought might draw your attention.

First of all this is my 1000th post. I finally made it. I recently took the time to go back & add up all my "meaningfull" post & am proud to report I am nearly in double digits.

For the longest time I have wondered what ever became of my namesake. Several times over the years I have searched on the net to see what I could find. There is little out there, that I could track down anyway.

I even decided to call the Pacer office to see if maybe they had some info. No luck there either.

They, and when I say "they", I mean Darnell Hillman, was even nice enough to call the league office to see if they had any way to reach the original Mr. Slaughter. Once again, no luck.

In one of my searches I ran across a link to a "Fan Feedback" help desk at his alma mater, Portland.

This is where the story starts to go bad for me.

I e-mailed the lady asking for any info on a former player named Jose Slaughter, including an e-mail address, if possible.

Well to my surprise I got a reply.

They sent me Jose Slaughter's home address & phone number

Now, as nuts as I am, there is no way in hell I'm pickin' up the phone & callin' this guy. I mean, .......... come on, ...........gees.

But I did just finish what I hope he considers a "nice" & "very polite" note that I plan to send out in the morning mail.

I just wanted to take the golden opportunity of my 1000th post to let everyone know that I fully plan on being at the forum party on 7-16, unless of course I'm being "detained" at one of the fine correctional facilties in the state of Indiana.

Thanks, I'll miss you guys.