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Thread: Golden State & the Expansion Draft

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    Default Golden State & the Expansion Draft

    These are links to the info I'm using. There are links to past threads in this series at the bottom of this post.

    From, a story on the Bobcats draft.

    This paragraph has the basic info.

    Charlotte will receive lists from each of the 27 teams not competing in the NBA Finals 10 days prior to the scheduled Expansion Draft (June 12) and those from the competing teams in the Finals within two days of the conclusion of the Finals. Team lists will designate a maximum of eight protected players for that teamís players under contract or restricted free agents for the 2004-05 NBA season. The unprotected players are eligible for selection by the Bobcats, who will draft a minimum of 14 players from NBA rosters.

    Free agent info from REAL GM.

    Salary info from Hoops Hype.

    Here's a look at the Warrior's roster.

    Nick Van Exel
    Erick Dampier
    Avery Johnson
    Clifford Robinson
    Adonal Foyle
    Mike Dunleavy
    Speedy Claxton
    Evan Eschmeyer
    Jason Richardson
    Mickael Pietrus
    Troy Murphy
    Calbert Cheaney
    Popeye Jones
    Brian Cardinal
    Rusty LaRue

    Of the 15 Warrior's, 10 are signed for next season & 5 are listed as free agents, none restricted. Van Exel & Dampier both have "player options" & both have talked about playing else where next year. Given the coin they would be giving up, it would be a tough call. However, we are talking about playing for Golden State so anything is possible.

    The Warrior's under contract for the 04-05 season.

    Nick Van Exel -------- $11,821,750
    Erick Dampier -------- $8,105,500
    Clifford Robinson ----- $5,280,000
    Mike Dunleavy -------- $3,565,080
    Speedy Claxton ------- $3,300,000
    Evan Eschmeyer ------ $3,103,800
    Jason Richardson ----- $3,534,018
    Mickael Pietrus -------- $1,785,960
    Troy Murphy ----------- $2,231,808
    Popeye Jones ---------- Not Listed

    Golden State's free agent list.

    Avery Johnson
    Adonal Foyle
    Calbert Cheaney
    Brian Cardinal
    Rusty LaRue

    Going with the 10 guys listed above, here is the Warrior's version of the now famous "no brainers" list.

    Dampier, Dunleavy, Claxton, Richardson, Pietrus & Murphy.

    That's 6 out of the 8 they can protect.

    Cliff Robinson should be player #7. Next year will be the final year of his contract & he really isn't that highly over paid. Not even close to what the Bobcats would be looking for in a player anyway. He would only get selected as trade bait to a team with a weak front line but most likley will make the Warrior's list.

    That last spot comes down to Van Exel, Eschmeyer or Jones.

    Van Exel is getting up there in years, has injury issues & makes big big money.

    The same could be said for Popeye Jones, except the money part that is.

    Eschmeyer started to show a little promise in his 2nd season at Jersey before being shipped off to Dallas where he was never heard of again. He has 3 more years on his deal. He keeps having his knee operated on, not good for a young big man. Dampier finally came around so maybe there is hope for him down the road.

    Even with his legs & mega contract I think the Warriors will give Van Exel that last spot. He is the most tradeable player of the 3 & when healthy, by far the most talented.

    That leaves Evan Eschmeyer & Popeye Jones available for Charlotte.

    No question that the Bobcats will not take Eschmeyer. 6-11 250, in his 5th season with 3 more on his contract, making in the neighborhood of 3.1, 3.4 & 3.7. He is having knee problems that don't seem to be getting much better. He would be too big a risk for the Bobcats.

    Jone's is plenty affordable enough, Hoops Hype doesn't list his salary for next season but if what he is listed at this year is correct ($1,070,000), then he should be around 1.2 next year. It's the age thing that gets in his way, he turns 34 just before the expansion draft.

    The regular draft looks top have plenty of big guys available with the 4th pick I look for the Bobcats to go big at #4 & pass on the Warriors players.

    Charlotte does not select a player from Golden State.

    Here is the Expansion Draft as of now.

    Atlanta ------------- No Pick
    Boston --------- C - Kedrick Perkins
    Chicago ------------ No Pick
    Cleveland ----- G - Kevin Ollie
    Dallas ---------- G - Tony Delk
    Denver --------- F - Ryan Bowen
    Detroit -------------- No Pick
    Golden State ------ No Pick

    Links to previous threads in this series.

    Atlanta ------
    Boston ------
    Chicago -----
    Cleveland --
    Dallas -------
    Denver ------
    Detroit ------

    Next up, the Houston Rockets.

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    Default Re: Golden State & the Expansion Draft

    I believe you're dead on with your analysis here. I'm not sure if Jones is on a one year deal or not is the only hitch. He was signed by Dallas to make the trade last summer work. I believe Dampier will opt out but if he doesn't he's protected. Van Exel and Robinson are protected as that will be large $ off the salary when they expire after next season. Either Esch, Jones, or both will be unprotected (depending on what Dampier does, I'm pretty sure Van Exel won't leave that much on the table). Charlotte won't take either one regardless.

    Atlanta - No Pick
    Boston - Kedrick Perkins
    Chicago - No Pick _or_ Robinson + Draft Pick
    Cleveland - No Pick
    Dallas - Tony Delk
    Denver - No Pick
    Detroit - No Pick _or_ Campbell (in hopes of getting talent for an expiring contract at the deadline)
    Golden State - No Pick

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    Default Re: Golden State & the Expansion Draft

    I 100% agree with your assesment of who will be made available & who will not be. However, I think that the Bobcats might bite at Jones.

    At 1.2 million for a season he would be a bargain & he has been known to be a very good locker room person. Causes no trouble & is very professional in his preperation, at least that used to be the story on him.

    He is old, but he is capable of playing up front.

    Hell, I don't know. It's a 50-50 shot in the dark for me, so I'm gonna go ahead & be differant.

    I say they take Popeye Jones.

    Atlanta - no pick
    Boston - Jumaine Jones
    Chicago - Chris Jeffries
    Cleveland - Kedrick Brown
    Dallas - Tony Delk
    Denver - no pick
    Detroit - no pick
    Golden State - Popeye Jones

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    Default Re: Golden State & the Expansion Draft

    This site says Jones is on a 3 year minimum deal:

    Popeye Jones ............... $1,070,000 [minimum, 3 year contract]

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