LOL yeah some, and several

I did a couple of years uni (law) but never did the stage where you have to work for peanuts to aquire experience

besides that work was to busy at that moment (and way to well paid) to keep going to uni 2 days a week, seeing as i charge $ 225 starting rates an hour those days

Of course I got bored with the work (sorta burned out) and decided to "do something else"
Do i regret ? no, do I wish I made the money I did ? yes, did I spend it all ? sorta, i was married a few times and started on the internet when it was still "somethign only weirdos get involved in" and subsequently you lost money in that rate as well

So yeah I never finished high school because I was bored, then did a couple of years uni, (after entree exam) and decided that working for free was not my cup o tea and now I am working for free (well it didn't start out that way but.....)


(looked it up, according to the years I've done and the results I got, I would be allowed to do a masters, so I assume that makes it bs level)