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Thread: Indy Colts #11 Fan Base..

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    Default Indy Colts #11 Fan Base..

    Not sure how legit this is but nice to see Indy fans not getting bashed like we usually do in these studies.
    You know how hippos are made out to be sweet and silly, like big cows, but are actually extremely dangerous and can kill you with stunning brutality? The Pacers are the NBA's hippos....Matt Moore CBS Sports....

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    Default Re: Indy Colts #11 Fan Base..

    Not particularly surprising to me.

    We normally get **** on in these kinds of studies directed at the NBA, but when it comes to the Colts, Indy represents well. A lot of that has to do with Peyton's tenure here for sure, but the sports fanbase for football is much, much larger than for pro basketball in Indy, I think.

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    I'm surprised its that high but yes the Manning years helped.

    However the NFL is a more popular sport in the US than the NBA is and the Colts are more successful overall than the Pacers have been in recent years. That's also a factor.

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