With just 5 weeks to go before the party I'd like to pass along some info.

The Pizza King is locatred at 82nd & Center Run Drive. The restaurant shares their building with a liqour store (separate entrance) in the middle of the parking lot. To the north is the The Burlington Coat Factory, to the south Red Lobster & to the east, Hooters. If you need further info you could call them at 577-4040 or contact me.

I'll need to contact the owners about 4 days before the party to give them a head count. This is just ball park numbers so if you decide at the last minute you'd like to attend, (Grace) you're welcome to.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for what type pizza to order, let me know. We'll most likely start out with a meat lovers, one with everything & maybe a pineapple-pepperoni. We can always order more but your input is welcome, after all, you have to eat it. You might as well have a say in what we order.

Castleton Pizza King

5:00, Saturday July 16

Here's the details again............

For several years now, members of the forum have been getting together a couple times a year to talk Pacers, over some pizza.

Once during the summer, usually the Saturday following the college draft, then again a couple weeks into the new season in October or November we have a little casual meet & greet for everyone.

We've come across a fairly nice loaction on the northeast side of Indianapolis, the Castleton area to be exact. There's a Pizza King a little east of the Mall that has served us well.

This summers party will start a little earlier than those before. I have us down for a 5 o'clock tip off on July 16th.

Like ya didn't see my sig already.

For those new to the forum here are the basic things ya need to know.

1. Everyone is invited. Doesn't matter if you post 30 times a day or if you only come here to read what others write. As long as you know about the forum, & the party, you are welcome.

2. Timing means nothing. What I mean by this is...........

You can come when you want, you can leave when you want. It's all up to you. You just want to stop by for 5 minutes, no problem.

We'll be there from around 4, til 9 then we'll move things either to Hooters or Perkins.

3. The Big Payback. We chip in for the grub. The pizza, soft drinks & tip for our fine waitresses run about 10 bucks each.

The Pizza King does serve other items if pizza is not your thing or if you care for something a little stronger than Pepsi. I'll leave that ordering, & paying, up to you.

If this is something you think you might like to do, just let me know in a post, in this thread.

Those that have expressed interest in attending.........26

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