It was telling that the night of the game ESPN had only one play in their Top 10 plays of the day, Billips's fake on Horry. That shows how they don't want to show the excitment on the defensive or offensive end. How the basket by Manu that bounced on the rim 5 times before falling after the foul didn't make it is beyond me.

I was watching the first half of the Lakers/Celtics game 4 from "84 today on ESPN Classic. The ball movement, emphasis on making the outlet pass to create a break, and the shooting was amazing. Of course each team haveing at least 3 hall of famers on it helps that along. They were playing defense, just not the pushing, hands on type they play today, especially on the perimeter. The Lakers were actually playing a 2/3 zone most of the time. It was fun to watch.

Of course, this observation comes from someone who would not have watched 5 minutes of the finals if the Spurs hadn't beat the Suns, so take it as you will.