With the leaking of his intent to leave Indy. I was looking at what teams might risk a rental. Portland seemed like a real possibility. CJ McCullom was petitioning for PG earlier and as Kevin Prithard said in small markets like Indy and Portland you have to take some big risks. Here's the trade.

Portland gets:
PG and Thadeuss Young

Indiana gets
Crabbe, Harkless, Ed Davis and picks 15 and 20 in this years draft.

I think this gives Portland a top 3 team in the West without a big loss. Crabbe was a big overspend.
Nurkic,Young,George,McCullom, and Lillard is a scary starting 5. Turner, Lenard,Aminu, Napier are a decent start to the bench. They still had the 26 pick and need backup center and a shooter, but could give them a chance to make a run at the Warriors.

For the pacers it's all about assets. It Gives them 3 NBA players with Davis possibly being a good match to Turner. It also gives them 3 total first round picks. I'm guessing Pritchard would take some high risk high reward types and swing big but who knows.

Thoughts would you pull the trigger in Portland or Accept in Indy?