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Thread: A question about League Pass / Cable / Satellite

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    Default A question about League Pass / Cable / Satellite

    This should be the year I finally get League Pass. I've always been a cable guy, but I thought I remembered some rumblings about the cable LP being inferior to the Sat. LP. Can anybody comment on this?

    I'm trying to figure out how to set up my telecom once I move to Cincy. Right now I'm with Cox, and I get basic cable ($30) + broadband ($30), along with a cell phone ($70). That takes care of everything. But there's problems as I come to back East.

    The first is price. TimeWarner rules the roost in Cincy, and their pricing is terrible. I'm going to pay $20-$30 more for the EXACT SAME service (basic cable+broadband), and that's not even taking into account the extras it's going to run me for digital access and then league pass. I thought about getting a satellite, but that means I have to use DSL for broadband, which in turn means I have to get a landline and pay $20/mo to hear from telemarketers.

    Is there a good solution here? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: A question about League Pass / Cable / Satellite

    The best LP is on Direct TV. If you want the pre and post game shows your ONLY option is to get Direct TV. Depending on where you live Dish blocks out a lot of home games where Direct TV does not.

    Cable however will not be as likely to cut out because of heavy rain. You will just see less games and no pre and post game shows.

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