I went up to Fundamentals to view the new basketball links Hicks has put up. Check them out! As Pacer fans we are blessed to have someone like Hicks as a fellow fan! This site Rocks! Thank you Hicks!

While there I clicked on, Pacers.com "Bird's Eye View" to see if there were any new Bird articles. There wasn't, but in reading a question and answer session I had read before I came on to a statement by Bird that will most assuredly impact the Pacers draft. In answer to the 5th question down he says in part,

A. Id like to get a team that runs a little more. I think basketball has gotten a little boring throughout the league because of half court offenses and coaches calling the plays. I would like to have an up-tempo team that gets out and moves the basketball from inside-out around the perimeter so guys will have better looks at the basket. My job is to try to build a team that the fans like and also win games.

We no doubt discussed the whole article here on the digest when the article first came out, but it occurred to me that his view as expressed here will impact who he drafts and trades for.

There were reports he offered Artest for Peja last year, so it appears he's willing to trade Artest if he can get a good player that can run. Joe Johnson, and Ray Allen, can certainly run. So can Michael Redd, but I doubt Bird would want to play against Artest more than twice a year, and Redd's in our division.

I'm thinking Foster and either Jackson/Artest gets offered to Phoenix for Joe Johnson in some sort of package. Of course that trade would probably work better salary wise for Shawn Marion, someone else who can run.

The more I think about it the more I think Phoenix would be a likely trade partner especially if Foster and Marion were part of the trade. With Foster playing center they could move Amare Stoudemire to his natural position of power forward which is where Marion is now playing. Phoenix wouldn't miss Marion.

I'll go look at the numbers and see what trades would work.