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Thread: Reggie Miller on Costas Now on HBO

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    Default Reggie Miller on Costas Now on HBO

    I do not know if this is a repost but Reggie Miller was on Costas Now. I did not see it because I cancelled HBO after Bill Mahr went on vacation. I noticed it on the preview channel. It read

    "An interview with Reggie Miller ....."

    There will be repeats of it not only on the regular HBO channel but also on all of HBO's other channels. Can anyone record and upload it or can you atleast tell us what was the essence of the interview.

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    It was a very good interview. Many of the topics were old hat, but Reggie is being more candid in his retirement. He actually showed Bob some veterans tricks that has caused ire for opposing players and fans for years.

    Reggie actually admitted to flopping and kicking his legs out on three pointers.

    Hopefully someone can record and share the interview.

    The best part were during the closing credits. Bob, who has great short-guy form, nearly beat Reggie in a free throw shooting contest.

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    He said Drazen Petrovic (R.I.P.) was a great trash talker. He learned trash talking from his dad.
    "He wanted to get to that money time. Time when the hardware was on the table. That's when Roger was going to show up. So all we needed to do was stay close"
    Darnell Hillman (Speaking of former teammate Roger Brown)

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