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Thread: Skiles Agrees To A Contract Extension With Chicago

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    Default Skiles Agrees To A Contract Extension With Chicago

    Skiles Agrees To A Contract Extension With Chicago
    7th June, 2005 - 7:59 pm

    The Chicago Tribune - Just a day after Scott Skiles declared that he broke off contract negotiations with Chicago, Bulls' GM John Paxson announced that the team had reached a four year extension with its head coach.

    "I'm really glad he's back," Paxson said. "This is a big thing for the franchise."

    It apperantly took a heart-to-heart talk between Skiles and Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf to seal the deal.

    "I actually came in this morning and kind of felt bad to say the least about the way things have gone," Skiles said. "I didn't want anything to break down because, you know, sort of foolish pride on my part, or some sort of immaturity on my part. I wanted to have a man-to-man talk with the owner of my team."

    Skiles added that any "small, minor misunderstandings" he may have had with the team were cleared up during a talk he had with Bulls' owner Jerry Reinsdorf on Tuesday.

    "In pretty short order we had a deal," added Skiles.

    I don't know if Scott has an agent reprsenting him or not, but I think Agents get in the way of deals a lot of times. I think if you have an agent representing you and it's important you need to be at any meetings yourself.

    Personally I would hire an agent for outside stuff, but I would do the negotiating on a new contract, and then have a lawyer look at it before I signed it.

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    Default Re: Skiles Agrees To A Contract Extension With Chicago

    He's had the same agent for 20 years. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the agent was part of the problem, but Reinsdorf is an ***, excuse me, hard nosed, don't wanna pay much money negotiator.

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