How would you feel?

My brother, 17, has a child. His girlfriend's (the girlfriend is 15) parents are quite well off.

My brother doesn't have a job. He is now out of school for the summer and will be a senior next year.

The girlfriend's parents had gotten them a brand new GMC Canyon 4x4 truck. They've had it a little over a year.

As of yesterday they were going to let them trade in the Canyon and a Camping trailer that the parents had bought for them for a Hummer, but they instead settled for a brand new GMC Envoy, fully loaded (DVD, etc.)

I find something wrong with him not working, and I've voiced my opinion to my mother an father, and was basically told to shut up.

But this is sickening. I see my brother not realizing he needs to be responsible. My parents seem to think this is ok. I don't.

It's kind of depressing. I've tried to do things the "right" way, if there is such a thing. I have a degree; I'm married; I bought a house; I have a full-time job; I pay all my bills.

Just a rant. Maybe I'm being selfish, but I just want my brother to be appreciative of what he has and "man" up and take some responsibility.

I'm not into material possessions, but I think it's sickening to see a 17 year old kid handed the keys to a brand new vehicle without working for it, or even putting out the effort of trying to work for it.