In order to get HBO (we've become suddenly and completely addicted to Deadwood), my wife and I just made the jump to digital cable TV (Comcast, west coast).

Looking forward to next season, can anyone tell me about the NBA League Pass thing? The customer reps don't know ****, so I'm asking all of you:

How does it work? Do you have to choose a team? If so, do you get other games? What other benefits or programming should I expect?

What do you like about NBALP? What' do you dislike about NBALP?

Is there a time of year when it costs less to join? How much do each of you pay? Do you pay in one lump sum or is the cost spread over several months?

And here's a really odd one: If I listen to Mark and Slick over the internet, how closely does it sinc up to the NBALP stream? Anyone ever try this?