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Thread: The Wisdom of my Master Teacher

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    Default The Wisdom of my Master Teacher

    I am student teaching (a internship) for a 3rd grade class. For half of the class English is a second language and 2 students don't speak English beyond "good morning" and "restroom". But that is not what drives me crazy. It's my Master teacher.

    * Suggestions on teaching mean and median:
    "Make each student say the definition 10 times."

    * To a non-english speaking student in the country for 6 weeks:
    "What did Aksel say? (waits) You are not listening. You have to listen."

    * After spending 20 minutes deciding what to assign for homework:
    "I need to see what your assigning for math homework. Knowing what you are going to do helps move things along." (The assignments I was responisble for were passed out; she was the one who did not know what to assign.)

    * After telling me to skip 5 lessons in the math book the week before:
    "Wow, you are going pretty quick through the material." (I taught one lesson each day in the order it was presented in the book.)

    * After assigning for homework to write a persuasive paragraph on why Harut, who had just returned from the principal's office, should keep his hands to himself:
    "I hope his parents aren't too rough on him."

    * After stopping a lesson that I am teaching so that she can read the manual:
    "I guess you are right they are supposed to work in pairs."

    These pearls of wisdom you all recieve free. I, however, get to pay tuition plus work 40 hours a week free of charge in order to recieve.

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    Default Re: The Wisdom of my Master Teacher

    Quote Originally Posted by Arcadian
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    why Harut...should keep his hands to himself

    As for the rest of it, I think you need to introduce her to Hicks' speech teacher.
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