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Thread: Bruno Question of the day. June 6th: Need for an Iso specialist?

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    Arrow Bruno Question of the day. June 6th: Need for an Iso specialist?

    "Do Pacers Need an Iso Specialist?

    Monday, June 6, 2005
    Conrad Brunner

    Q. After many intense discussions with fellow Pacer fans, it was mentioned that the team still did not have that player who could just drive at any time and get whatever shot he wanted. So the question remains, does the team need that "iso" player, like a Kobe, M.J., Isiah, Manu, or Magic? In the last 25 years, the only championship squads that were able to win without such a player have been those '80s Celtics, the '99 Spurs, and of course, last year's Pistons. Those teams also had great perimeter shooters (Bird, Elliott, Rip & Chauncey) and dynamic duos in the middle (McHale & Parish, Robinson & Duncan, and the Wallaces). Does the team need to find that inside partner for J.O. before pursuing an iso player? Which would be more attainable? (From Adam in Indianapolis)

    A. Based on the nature of this question, I have no doubt as to the intensity of your debates with fellow fans. There are many ways to approach this topic, but I'll start with the most obvious. Teams that have won championships with great one-on-one players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have done so because those types of players are so incredibly hard to find and cultivate. There is no shortage of players in the NBA who believe themselves to be unstoppable; the problem lies in finding players that are genuinely challenging to defend but know how to use their skill for the collective good of the team. There always have been precious few like that in the game and today is no different, although Manu Ginobili and Dwyane Wade are very close.

    I would argue your point that the great Celtics teams of the '80s lacked a go-to isolation player. Whenever they needed a basket, they'd throw the ball to Larry Bird and he'd make something happen. The Spurs and Pistons basically were built around stout defense and efficient halfcourt offense, made possible by effective and deep front lines. Ginobili has grown into a major force with the ball, a big reason the Spurs have been waiting for an NBA Finals opponent for a few days. Miami has Wade and the Pistons, when push comes to shove, tend to lean on Billups.

    Which way should the Pacers go? Well, they already have two players that can be dominant in the post (Jermaine O'Neal and Ron Artest), so it would appear their primary needs lie on the perimeter. Stephen Jackson and Jamaal Tinsley are both effective with the ball, but neither falls into the Ginobili/Wade category. Fred Jones is pretty good and still getting better. But I suspect the personnel department is, and has been, looking far and wide in search of just the type of player you mention. Because when the shot-clock's winding down and the post is double-teamed, every good team needs a guy that can make something from nothing."


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    Default Re: Bruno Question of the day. June 6th: Need for an Iso specialist?

    I thought Jack did pretty well in that role.

    But that doesn't mean I wouldn't trade him for Ray.
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