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Thread: Bogut Rips Kobe Bryant

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    Of course Shaq will be in the league w/ Bogut for what ... 2-3 years while Kobe will be in the league for half if not most of his career. And since when is it smart to gain a friend by creating an enemy? I'm sure there were many ways to get Shaq to like him that didn't include making sure he's the guy who's face is blocked out by #8's shoe on a Kobe poster.

    Anyway, isn't it hypocritical for a non-star to call out a star for not defering to another star? (Did anyone follow that?) Rookies should never speak unless they are carrying a team through the playoffs. The world didn't need Bogut to reconfirm what it already knew about Kobe.

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    I expect Shaq to take him up on that grocery-getting thing.

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    A NBA player cocky and arrogant. Who ever would have thunk it?

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