Please don't shoot me. I'm just the messenger... and I'm curious to see what you guys would think of the following trade idea posted on a Kings board. Remember, it's NOT my idea!

I would really like to see some article from Indiana speaking about Ron Artest. If they are saying things such as "next season with Ron Back" or "If we would have had Ron". If I don't see statments such as that, then i don't feel Artest is desired in Indiana any longer. that being said and Petrie and the whole Kings organization saying we need defense so bad. Shouldn't we be putting together some combos to get the Defensive Player of the Year. Not to mention he is by no means a liability on offense, he is an easy 15-20 guy in our lineup of Bibby, Peja, and Miller. So if Indiana is frustrated with Ron and don't want his services any longer then Petrie should be on the phone night and day becuase of the problem we have this guy is the best one out there at pluging that hole. Don't settle for less go for THE one.

Kenny Thomas and Corlis Williamson to Indiana

Ron Artest and Johnathan Bender to Sacramento

why the kings do it. Defense at the 2, toughness, no loss in offense

why the Pacers do it. get 2 quality SF/PF guys to fill voids so O'neal can play center if need be and they lack no offense, also to get rid of a guy that has brought alot of unwanted attention to the organization. and 3 to get rid of an undesired contract in Johnathan Bender.

Now sure we take a hit to cap with bender but we get better quality at the 2 and Kenny's 5 year undesired contract is gone.
Comments? I know what I predicted most of you would say but I'm curious to see if I was right...