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Here is my feel on all this.

Ron Artest is going to shock a lot of people this season, because I believe his real breakout season was delayed. I think last year he was on his way to the best season on both sides of the ball that he had ever had. I also think he would have been a second teamer this past season. When I saw the way he took the team on his shoulders to start the season in the 7 games with Jermaine, Reggie, Jeff and Anthony hurt, I was shocked. I saw a new player. When he wasn't there for the two games Rick benched him for... We weren't the same team. He showed me that he was the best player on the team and that he was ready to take the team to new heights. If i'm not mistaken, we won all 7 games he played this year... correct?

He is going to have a breakout year this season regaining the DPOY award and averaging 20+ points a game. Then you'll all be glad we didn't trade him.

absolutely onpoint