I did it!!! I finally watched the game that i always wanted to see once in my life, the game that i only dreamed of! I went to that game downloading site (http://bt.davka.info/) and there it was, just standing and tempting me

1998 ECF Indiana vs Chicago Game 4..... yes, yes, its that game "THE GAME". Ok i know im just 7 years late! But this was one hell of game and it was huge for me because i hunted that game for about 7 years! It was better than sex watching it! (almost )
Believe me, i knew Reggie had a game winning shot against Chicago in 1998 but didnt think this game was it... so i watched this game with no Clue at all, didnt even know who was gona win, it was like a LIVE game from 1998 for me.

Just some thoughts and questions:

1. Why was Reggie limping thru the whole game and they still kept him in? What game did he got that injury?
He could literaly not walk and he still managed to hit that game winning shot! That was so amazing!!!

2. Ron Harper.... how could he get away with punchin/grabbing/holding/pushing Reggie just every second? How could he get away with Grabbing Reggies arm and throwing him right over the Bulls bench infront of everybodys eyes!?

3. I absolutely loved that Pacer lineup, they would 100% get a ring that year if they managed to beat the Bulls... Marc Jackson, DD, Antonio, Smits, Mullin, Rose, Best, McKey... i want them back!

4. Why did Dennis Rodman remind me of some Piston players today?