Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 8:05 pm Post subject: Michael, Magic, and Larry to help pick Olympic team



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Larry Brown are among the who’s who list of stars who agreed today to help choose the men’s Olympic basketball team for the United States.

Other former players on the list this week included David Robinson, Charles Barkley, Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson. Other coaches included Dean Smith, Bob Knight, John Thompson and Chuck Daly.

They say Olympic team, i wonder if they mean the team for the qualifers and the World Championships. The rest of the world considers that to be the biggest event, it's about time we did the same. I like that they are taking this more seriously than they have before. So how bout it, who's your picks t be on the team? You know for sure Shaq won't be playing, Duncan hates FIBA (can't blame him) that leaves the US without 2 of the best players in the world. I also don't expect Kobe to accept an invite.

My team, I based this on how the world plays the game and players i think could fit into a team concept.

Coach K
Mike D'Antoni
Tubby Smith

I like these Coaches because they all demand respect. The college game is more like the international game, i figured college coaches would have a better feel on how to develop game plans.



S. Marion
K. Hinrich

Before you go off with your "ahhh this guy is stupid...he didn't put ___________ on the team" Let me explain my picks. I watch alot of the US teams losses over the past 3 years, most of them were due to them not playing together and not being able to shoot worth a damn. I'm still not convinced that the world is even with us, when we put a competant team on the court. I wanted to pick guys that are not one trick ponies unless they can shoot. Ben Wallace for as great as he is, imo would not be that much of a factor. On the offensive end, we'd be playing 4 on 5 for the most part.

Most of these guys are great at two things atleast. KG has the total package, y'all just seen Amare play toe to toe with the best player in the world, evenly. Lebron's jumpshot is improving, and his D will improve this year under Mike Brown. Rip is a guy that can hit that mid range J, and with the shorter 3pt line, can give the US a outside shooter. Bibby played great in the 03 qualifers, i think he'd be the perfect pg for the team.

The bench has a mix of guys that can play D, and step out and knock down a wide open jumpshot. Brad Miller adds something to the team that they didn't have in 04 (no, not a white player) a guy that can shoot the 15 footer, while guys like JO and Amare work in the paint. The guards are all decent shooters, Wade being maybe the worst but most explosive and best defender on the wings.