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While we're on little cultural things like this...

What's with the fist-to-fist punch instead of a handshake?

I can't see that without wanting to yell "Wonder Twin powers, ACTIVATE!"
You might like this article, Doug:,br /> "In a world of vast complexities one has managed to surpass them all. And that is the handshake ... or pound ... or high five ... or high five/pound ... or high five/handshake/pound ... or handshake/hug ... or high five/handshake/pound ... or, well, I'm lost. So why exactly have we taken the greeting, the most basic of human gestures, and turned it into this stream of choreographed brotherly movements? Greetings vary so much from person to person that this art must be regulated if we are to continue approaching people. The complex greetings have created five factions: those who pound, those who high five, those who shake, those who bachelor-hug and those who combine any of the previous. The problem with these factions is that you never know of which one people are a part of. For instance, when I was walking to lunch the other day, I saw someone I knew and went to give him a high five, but little did I know he was a pounder. So there I was feeling stupid as I had the hand open for the high five and he pounded right in the middle. I felt like I was playing rock, paper, scissors and the paper was covering the rock. Or when you meet someone who likes to do the bachelor-hug. A bachelor hug is when there is a quick handshake or high five followed by a pulling in and a quick pat on the back. This can cause a problem because there are some people you just don't want to get that close to. There are some people you would just like to give a high five and leave it at that. But no, for some reason they pull you in like they haven't seen you for years. That is by far one of the more awkward moments in life, just short of the too-soon attempt at a first kiss. About a week ago, I saw one of my friends, and I approached him. And as I got closer to him I put my hand out to begin the high-five/pound combination. Only it went wrong, way wrong. I thought it would just be the high-five/pound thing, but no, it went straight from the high five to the handshake to a few other indescribable movements, and there I was, with a look of utter stupor on my face. I was so unprepared for what just happened. While the whole thing was going on, my hand just went limp as he continued his greeting almost like a dancer dancing around while the partner had fallen into a coma standing up. I was so embarrassed. Never before had I messed up a greeting so badly. I know when I walked away he was laughing at me on the inside, but it wasn't entirely my fault. I was out of my league, really. The greeting is just too damn complicated. It's nonsensical, really. There should be a regulation, or at least a sign people can wear so as to stop this greeting mishap from happening. First of all, a greeting should take no longer than two seconds. Once you go past that, it's a workout, really. And, unless you know someone really well, just refrain from giving the bachelor hug at any time. One day we can design the universal greeting, but until then just keep it as basic as possible to minimize mistakes. " ,br /> I'm a fist2fist puncher. Sorta. I only do it with my dad and brothers. No one else. It actually started because we were making fun of rappers being oh-so-cool with their greetings, then we just got comfortable with it and that's how we always greet each other, although Dad keeps pissing me off cause sometimes he wears this ugly *** lion's head ring and he give me a punch pound and I'm like, Dad!! ring!!