I'm just throwing this out there for fun. I'm not sure about the sign and trade rules so I'm not even sure this can happen. But here is an idea.

Pacers sign George to a 1 year extension, then send him to the Clippers.

Clippers re-sign Griffin to a 2 year deal, then send him to Chicago.

Bulls send Butler to the Pacers.

All 3 teams wind up with a star player that is locked in for 2 years. That would give them 2 years to decide if they want to keep these guys or not. It also gives them 2 years to convince these guys to stay.

Why would these teams do it?

Clippers: They have not gotten as far as they like with their current lineup. They need to make a change. While replacing Griffin with George will not get them past GS, at least they will be able to show their fans that they are making an effort.

Bulls: There are rumors of dissention between management and Butler. Replacing Butler for Griffin would eliminate that problem and they would still have a young star on the roster.

Pacers: George's actions have pretty much said he wants to go to LA. He has put pressure on the Pacers to have a contender this season. Replacing George with Butler will buy an extra year for the Pacers to build a contender. It will also end the distraction of the rumors of George going to the Lakers. The best part is that it will screw the Lakers. The Clippers will have George for at least 2 years. Since George will be back home in LA and playing for his favorite team when he was growing up, plus it being a playoff team, there is a good chance he stays with the Clippers.

Why would the players agree to it?

Butler: He has no choice, he is under contract. He probably won't mind going to the Pacers though as they should be a playoff team.

George: He should be dancing in the streets. He will get to go back to LA. Play on a playoff team and play for his favorite team when he was growing up.

Griffin: Here's the bad part. I don't really see any reason why Griffin would go for it.