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It pains me to read this crap.

Skipping the Reggie would beat Jordan in Horse statement...

You expected a 37 year old Jordan, after 2 years retirement... playing on an abysmal Washington team... was expected to be league MVP and lead his team to a championship? He also missed 22 games in his first season back, and he never averaged more than 22.3 points in his 2 season Washington stint. He had three 40 point games, if I remember correctly, not once did he hit 50, unless it was that triple OT game against the Pacers his first season back...

Bah, forget it, I refuse to argue this.

Jordan never played for the Wizards, stop lieng. I hate you. *cries*
Jordan had a 50 something point game against Chicago in Dec 2001, if I remember correctly.

I agree with everything else you said.