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From The Hustler:

Bert Gordon: You got talent.
Fast Eddie: I got talent? So what beat me?
Bert Gordon: Character.

That's what this team needs most. Character.
Pulp Fiction's Mr. Wolf:
"Just because you ARE a character doesn't mean you HAVE character."

So, on the subject of character, what do we need: character on a team level or on individual levels?

I thought this season proved that the general character of the team is as strong as it has ever been. They've all learned about sacrificing, playing hurt, stepping up during adversity, not caring who starts etc, etc. But again, I don't know if Ron should be included in this generalization, becuase he was away during most of this time.

As far as individuals go, the 'character' that most needed an overhaul was Artest. Second on the list is Jackson, but only really in regards to his temper when it comes to dealing with authority figures.

JO could stand to never talk to an official again too, or have a once-per-game quota backed by a heavy team sanctioned fine for going over.

What do you suggest to improve the "character" of the team?