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Thread: At what point does this PG thing become collusion?

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    Default Re: At what point does this PG thing become collusion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Foul on Smits View Post
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    If the Pacers got Heyward and brought Teague back and Myles makes the next leap at center, then i think Indiana could win it all. Probably wont, but they would have a legit shot.
    Only one problem: we are not going to get Hayward unless maybe George openly commits to the Pacers, which seems to be the major issue because George wants to "play for a winner" and imho won't commit to us unless he sees tangible proof, most likely in the form of a major FA signing... while I only see a major FA sign here... AFTER Paul has first openly committed to the Pacers himself. I just don't see this working, wish it would, but I'm quite pessimistic when it comes to signing Paul or a major FA signing here this summer. Sorry.
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